Eclipse Muto™ Sandbox

The Muto team provides a sandbox which may be used by everyone wanting to try out Eclipse Muto without starting a dedicated instance of a twin server. Eclipse Muto sandbox is a dedicated instance of Eclipse Ditto. Warning: This sandbox is not set up in a highly available manner and may experience downtimes. Also, the sandbox will be reset from time to time without prior notice.

Visit the Eclipse Muto documentation in order to learn more about the Muto project.

You can learn more about this sandbox by directly referring to the Eclipse Ditto documentation

You can use the Ditto HTTP API.
The Swagger UI for exploring the API will require authentication.

Sandbox explorer UI

The sandbox also hosts the Ditto explorer UI.

Choose "ditto_sandbox" from the environment drop-down at the top right in order to explore the things in the sandbox.


Please refer to the Ditto sandbox instructions


This sandbox is running Eclipse Ditto version: 3.0.0